In Case You Missed It: Hometown BBQ Miami Opens & Healthy Fast Food Shockingly Doesn't Sell

As we begin another glorious week, it’s time to look back at some of our favorite stories we came across this weekend. From Instagram updates to perusing the Internet in search of intriguing food industry news, we’re all about starting your week off with some insightful water cooler chatter (or if you work at a hip WeWork, then consider this valuable keg of cold brew banter)

Hometown Barbecue Opens in Miami

It’s been a busy summer for Billy Durney, proprietor of Brooklyn’s beloved Hometown BBQ and the recently opened Red Hook Tavern, which we hear on good authority has an amazing burger and wedge salad worth waiting in line for. But just when you thought the Brooklyn born pitmaster was settling in to a plate of his own beloved beef ribs, he goes on Instagram and announces the opening of Hometown BBQ Miami. According to Google Maps, the official opening is Thursday September 19, which means Miami residents can start deciding today how much brisket they should order. The announcement comes after owner Simon Kim revealed his Michelin starred Cote Korean Steakhouse would be opening their second location in the Magic City (that’s one of Miami’s nicknames which makes us now realize the Orlando Magic and Miami Heat should probably swap NBA names for authenticity as Miami is hot but catches a cool breeze from the ocean and well Orlando I mean it’s like you step off the plan and boom that heat just hits you).

KFC Admits Healthy Menu Produces Sickly Sales

The Daily Mail reported that KFC’s attempt to introduce alternative menu items in select markets - such as grilled chicken sandwiches and reduced fat french fries - resulted in sales so bad the company dropped its campaign after introducing just three new menu items. “It's no good launching a product which looks good nutritionally but then nobody buys,” said Jenny Packwood, head of brand engagement at KFC UK and Ireland. Somewhere not on this Earth, KFC’s original founder and spokesperson Colonel Harland Sanders is shaking his cane at no one in particular and screaming: “I gave you the best recipe in the world all you have to do is follow my instructions!” While it’s not likely that fast food franchises will stop trying to appeal to the health conscious crowd, maybe it’s time we admit that what makes these places great is that they’re very unhealthy.

Now We Can All See Your Halo…Top Ice Cream

Halo Top, that beloved ice cream brand that’s only 320 calories per pint, and the one we think Beyoncé is really singing about, was recently acquired for an undisclosed sum by the maker of Blue Bunny Ice Cream, Wells Enterprises. The deal should help distribute the creamy but somehow not so filling ice cream unless you eat multiple pints to new guests, as it includes the ability to license the name outside of the U.S. and Canada.