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After watching Noma My Perfect Storm, a documentary covering the inner workings of Noma, and its Chef Rene Redzepi, I was inspired to connect passionate & food-driven people with culinary leaders as inspiring as him.

For those unfamiliar with Noma, it’s a Copenhagen-based institution, known for setting the standard of what Nordic cuisine can be- taking its foraging, pickling, and preservation techniques extremely seriously. It’s clearly panned out for the restaurant, earning them the title of World’s Best Restaurant 4x over, 2 Michelin stars, and global acclaim.

Where the Inspiration Struck...

In 2014, as Rene went on stage to give his thank you speech for his 4th and more recent award of “Best Restaurant in the World,” he took a novel approach toward his gratitude...


“Come on, the world’s best,” he said in a belittling tone. “Is the color red the best in the world this year?” Adding, “Of course I don’t consider Noma to be the best in the world.” At some tiny ramen places in Tokyo where he’s dined, he said, “You’ll have the best meal of your life.”

His indignant-like reaction to the award, showed me what drove this man to bring Noma to life, and it had nothing to do with recognition. Recognition was merely the byproduct of challenging how food should be presented, what it should taste like, and how it should be sourced.

It’s his near-maniacal approach to everything he does that’s taken him to where he is today.

I’ve felt a rush ever since to share this line of thinking with others- to fervently explore one’s passion, and to go all in. I believe the best way to do that is by connecting the driven, goal-seeking, and curious minds with other chefs as inspiring as Rene.

…And So Began Leisurely

With Leisurely, you’ll always experience the revolution of cooking classes, popup dinners, and other culinary adventures. We promise to always push the envelope, and that any event will always be led by a world-class & inspiring culinary luminary.

We hope you’ll join us on our mission to help others discover their passions through food.

As Rene Redzepi would say, on the opening of his newest restaurant, “We dare to fail again.”

Here’s to pushing our limits.


Co-Founder & CEO

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Co-Founder & CEO


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Co-Founder & Director of Partnerships