The PRE-Fixe: Five Things You Need To Know Before Dining at 10 Corso Como New York

All Photos Courtesy   10 Corso Como NY/Facebook  and  Instagram

All Photos Courtesy 10 Corso Como NY/Facebook and Instagram

Welcome to The Pre-Fixe, where we highlight five things you’ll need to know before heading up to the host stand. This week, we’re sharing five tips on how to get ready for Leisurely’s latest experience: 10 Corso Como: A Dining Experience With Executive Chef Jordan Frosolone

10 Corso Como Facebook

1. It’s Located in the Historic South Street Seaport

10 Corso Como is one of the many bright spots of a revamped South Street Seaport. While the beloved Fulton Fish Market is long gone, so too are the tourist traps like Bodies: The Exhibition. Seriously, we don’t all want to know what we look like on the inside. But 10 Corso Como isn’t about just entertaining people with food and drink although that should absolutely be a part of your visit. It’s a modern marketplace where fashionable folks, artists, and sneaker heads gather to aggressively browse and occasionally purchase stuff you though existed for only celebrities and Bond villains. Also if you want to sound like you live in New York, don’t call it the Seaport District, just call it South Street Seaport, as in “I’m going down to South Street Seaport.” Districts are not a thing in New York unless you work for the government, in which case please find our Mayor Bill DeBlasio and lower all of our taxes.


2. Executive Chef Jordan Frosolone Is The Real World Version of Tony Shalhoub in Big Night

If you’ve ever seen the movie Big Night, and you should because it’s the best movie involving a restaurant ever (sorry Bradley Cooper), you might remember a few hilarious and mouth watering scenes including an ode to risotto and timpano. These regional Italian delicacies are all about comforting the soul, and while we will never know exactly how those dishes actually tasted because actors are trained in the art of deception, we think you should scroll below to see for yourselves what we think is an authentic reaction. Chef Frosolone is currently offering a Risotto Milanese with saffron and Parmigiano at 10 Corso Como New York. And the fact he’s been able to create his own version of this dish, Timballo de Zanghi, in his career to widespread acclaim gives you just a taste of his versatile skill set.

Pasta Corso Como

3. You Need to Find Room For Pasta

From cacio e pepe to cavatelli with broccoli pesto and hazelnuts, there’s a reason an entire section of the menu at 10 Corso Como New York is dedicated to pasta. For our Leisurely dinner, guests will get a chance to sample Frosolone’s cacio e pepe, because if you only grew up with a mom who made spaghetti and meatballs like one writer did then there is a world of pasta you missed out on growing up in Long Island and can’t let that past go. If you want to see how Jordan makes his version, check out the video below.

4. 10 Corso Como New York is a True Milan Import With Some Seoul Too

If you’re wondering why we keep adding New York after 10 Corso Como, it’s because the original location Corso Como is in Milan, Italy and there’s a location in Seoul, South Korea. Why these cities? Because they are awesome and have a great mix of food, fashion, and style. They even have their own app which you can download to shop for all the cool things you might not need but convince yourself you must have while dining at the restaurant. Like this:

10 Corso Como NYC Bunny

5. 10 Corso Como New York Offers Artistic Table Tops for The Gram

If you thought the overhead table shot was dead, guess again. If you haven’t noticed while reading this, 10 Corso Como New York doesn’t just offer pretty dishes, they’ve got some artistic table tops too. Everyone will know you’ve dined here once you’ve posted on your feed. Check out the perfect example of how to space out your dishes and capture the table in all of its natural beauty below (and keep scrolling for that Big Night video we mentioned).

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