In Case You Missed It: Why We're Excited to Master Mezcal at Holy Ground This September

If Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack were alive and needed a place to dine in New York City, Holy Ground would absolutely be on their list. Come to think of it, this place is so timeless that Korean pop sensation BTS would definitely enjoy hiding out here. The underground lair has found a genuine way to offer smoked meats, caviar, and classy bar fare at a time when so many retro concepts fall flat. However, what you might not realize is that this smoked meat specialist also has an amazing bar, and it’s impossible not to want to have a drink in this speakeasy style setting. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Holy Ground for the first time to offer an exclusive class with their in house agave expert, Gustavo Zamora. Joined by Mariah Kunkel of Banhez Mezcal, our Leisurely experience includes a tasting of five unique tasting mezcals as well as an overview of the agave harvesting process. Why drink mezcal? Because it’s an amazing spirit whose smokey tasting profile is a natural match for barbecue and it makes you stand out from the pack of basic bourbon drinkers. And since you shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach, Holy Ground is sharing a few of its popular plates with Leisurely members including its St. Louis spare ribs, wings, corn salad, and crispy potato salad (and some of its house BBQ sauce to go too!). And now, we pause to admire some of Holy Ground’s fine work below.

Feast on ribs at your next Leisurely class courtesy of Holy Ground. Photo Credit:  Rebecca_ Chews _NYC

Feast on ribs at your next Leisurely class courtesy of Holy Ground. Photo Credit: Rebecca_Chews_NYC

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