So, What Are WE Doing This Weekend?

By Billy Lyons

It’s been a hot minute, but the Leisurely blog is back from a creative hiatus, and we’re excited to announce we’ll be sharing more than just recipes with you in the coming weeks. We’ve learned through our shared class experiences that Leisurely’s community is full of people who are passionate about cooking, cocktail making, and learning new life hacks in the kitchen and beyond from our roster of dedicated experts.

In addition to continuing our selection of innovative food and drink experiences, we’re now going to bring you a curated selection of articles, photos, videos, and additional content designed to engage your senses before choosing your next Leisurely adventure. From discussing dish composition and destruction with chefs like Josh Grinker of Kings County Imperial to showcasing our favorite food photos from class - including a few of our epic fails - we’ll create a trusted guide for unleashing the good life. Whether it’s discovering how to make a killer cocktail at Pouring Ribbons or uncovering the secret spots chefs seek out for foraging ingredients, we’re excited to offer you a new perspective on what an exceptional personal experience is meant to be.

So get ready to discover that skill you never knew you loved. And remember, although our classes can sell out quickly, we are always adding to our selection of carefully curated partners, which you can view at your leisure by clicking here.