Divya's Kitchen: Ayurvedic Cooking - SUN 3/10

Divya's Kitchen: Ayurvedic Cooking - SUN 3/10


sunday, march 10th, 2019

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

divya’s kitchen (map)

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“Ayurveda is an ancient form of holistic medicine from India, which follows the belief that what you eat has much to do with how you feel. Using seasonal ingredients and healing spices, Divya’s prides itself on creating dishes that will make everyone leave the restaurant feeling their best (Glenwood NYC).”

Join Divya’s Kitchen as they guide us through a hands-on, Ayurvedic cooking class. We’ll explore cooking techniques like pan-frying, learn to make and temper spice blends, and even how to make cheese. Together, the class will prepare the below menu, which Divya has devised specially for Leisurely. In sharing this balanced meal, Divya's goal is to show how you can easily replicate the different techniques of healthy cooking at home and personalize the flavors to fit your body type.

Following the hands-on cooking class, we’ll sit down for a family-style meal together. Expect to leave with a full belly and recipes to try on your own!

* This meal is vegetarian, but not vegan. Due to the nature of Divya’s Kitchen, alcohol will not be served.

On The Menu

Beverages & Drinks:

Spice Tea

To Eat:

Vegetable Curry and Cashew Sauce

Lentil Paté - Curried Red Lentils & Beets

Fresh Paneer Cheese

Basmati Rice

Cilantro Mint Chutney

Pineapple Halava

About Divya’s Kitchen


At Divya’s Kitchen we believe that food can heal, that’s why we are devoted to serving you delicious food that your body and mind say YES to. Our fresh, balanced meals are prepared with love, deeply rooted in the authentic tradition of Shaka Vansiya (SV) Ayurveda that meets us where we are today. Ayurveda (the ancient medical science of India) teaches us how to maintain balance on all levels and how food can restore our innate ability for healing and wellness.

Excerpted from Divya’s Kitchen.