Mochii NYC's Mochi Dough Recipe

Making mochi is a labor of love, and its unique flavor and texture is a byproduct of that.

Making mochi is a labor of love, and its unique flavor and texture is a byproduct of that.

Mochi is a dessert that delights unlike any sweet out there.

There’s a sense of anticipation and excitement that leads into the first bite, treating your palate to a sensory adventure that pleases equally both on its taste and texture.

After learning to make the treat at our recent mochi-making class led by Mimi Lau of Mochi NYC, we gained a deeper appreciation for its taste and complexity. We learned that making mochi is an art and a process, challenging even the most skilled pastry chef.

We’re excited to share with you this mochi-making recipe, courtesy of Mimi Lau. The focus with this recipe is on the dough, the most fundamental component of this Japanese confection. Try it at home, and don’ get forget to catch the next mochi-making class to be announced soon!

Mochi Dough Recipe


100g Mochiko or Shiratamako

75g Granulated Sugar

200ml Water

Potato or Cornstarch for dusting


1. Mix sweet rice flour, sugar, and water in a bowl.

2. Make sure to add water slowly to whisk out all the pockets of flour, or

emulsify it with a hand blender.

3. For a fast method to cook wrap the cover of bowl with plastic wrap and

microwave at 600 watts for 3 minutes. Mix the dough with spatula, and

microwave for another 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

To get a much chewier consistency have a steamer with boiling water at

1200 watts or stovetop. Put bowl inside steamer, and mix dough every 5

minutes. The total steaming time should be 10-15 minutes depending on

how hot you are boiling the water at.

4. Once dough has cooled, wrap it inside plastic wrap and fridge for 15-20


5. When rolling the dough make sure it is room temperature by letting it sit

out, dust countertop with cornstarch, and roll to desired thickness.

6. Have fun by adding any type of filling inside, and enjoy right away!

Fouad ElAmir