Austin Revamps a Beloved Bakery With Bagels, A No Phone Restaurant, and More!

It’s Wednesday, but we know your brain is already thinking about what to do on a summer Friday. Here’s some free reading material to get you where you need to go next.

A Texas Sized Charcuterie Board at Swedish Hill. Photo Credit: Mcguire Moorman Hospitality

A Texas Sized Charcuterie Board at Swedish Hill. Photo Credit: Mcguire Moorman Hospitality

Bagel and Texas Barbecue Crawl Anyone?

We realize finding a decent bagel outside of NYC cuts into vacation time, which is why we’re stoked to hear about Swedish Hill, a recently opened bagel cafe and deli in Austin’s Clarksville neighborhood. Taking over Austin’s popular Sweetish Hill bakery (see what they did there?) which had been in the location since 1990, the revamped cases will include caviar, smoked fish, charcuterie, and salads from Chef Page Pressley. Swedish Hill will also offer rotisserie chicken to go as well as made-to-order sandwiches toasted in a red brick pizza oven. Custom cakes will also be available, while guests who aren’t on the go will be able to eat and relax on the outdoor patio.

A No Phone Restaurant from SF Chef Russell Jackson Arrives in Harlem

San Francisco’s Russell Jackson is bringing a taste of California to Harlem with his latest restaurant, Reverence. The $98 tasting menu includes five courses focusing on seasonally available vegetables, seafood, and poultry, but guests will have to take photos by blinking their eyes if they want to keep their seat (seriously, there’s a no photo policy). Jackson’s menu is influenced by a variety of cuisines, with dishes on the opening menu including a quail egg empanada and escargot with fermented uni-chile crema. A reservation must be made and paid for in advance in order to secure a seat. If you’re a fan of getting to know chefs and what it takes to plate a tasting menu, we think this is one you’ll want to check out since the entire staff consists of five people including Jackson.

Pastis 2.0 Gets a Two Star Review

If you’ve been debating about paying respects to the new Pastis , Pete Wells from the NY Times pretty much confirmed in his two-star review this is still just a really important restaurant that anyone who enjoys food and smiling should make a point to visit.

A Funny Promotion from a Chain Restaurant

Finally, if you’re feeling creative and love to write, Jimmy John’s will reward a great essay by helping you buy a house in one of their delivery zones. The contest runs through October 4th and you should probably mention how much you like Jimmy John’s at some point.