A Bar and Restaurant We Know You Want to Put on Your Radar: JJ's Hideaway and Otaku Katsu

We know Labor Day Weekend means flexing your culinary chops, which is why we know you’re going to want to treat yourself to these new spots as a reward. And after your done barbecuing, you just might want to check out our smoke on smoke mezcal class at Holy Ground to find out what mezcal to pair with your next pulled pork masterpiece.

JJ’s Hideaway, 97 North 10 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249

A neon pink sign that reads Hideaway is a bit ironic, but that’s part of the fun we think when it comes to JJ’s. The new Williamsburg bar is an ode to the music venues of the 70’s, 80’, and 90’s, and features piadina flatbread sandwiches, vintage band posters, frozen drinks, and reclaimed church pews. If Stephon were still on SNL, he might just say: “This place has everything.”

Do the hustle at JJ’s Hideaway. Photo Credit: Alex Staniloff

Do the hustle at JJ’s Hideaway. Photo Credit: Alex Staniloff

Otaku Katsu, 137 Rivington Street, New York, NY 10002 (Opening September 10)

Katsu sandwich mania is one of many trends appearing that we can get behind. That’s why we’re excited to see another spot dedicated to the Japanese sandwich appear. The menu will include twists on the sandwich, which we can get with chicken, fish, or vegetables served bento box style (sushi rice, pickles, burnt lemon, cabbage and katsu sauce are included). They’re also playing to our New York heartstrings by including a “BEC” katsu which includes duck egg with bechamel, smoked bacon and swiss cheese. Onigiris, okonomiyaki fries, and takes on traditional Japanese side dishes are also available. We’ve learned the fast casual restaurant is ready to open on September 10 and will start by offering lunch and dinner service seven days a week from 11AM - 11PM.

Billy Lyons