The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Offals, 10/27/18

The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Offals, 10/27/18


saturday, october 27th, 2018


east village townhouse (map)

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According to the Wall Street Journal, offals are officially having its foodie moment.

Offals, referring to the organs and other entrails of an animal not typically associated with culinary consumption, are not only packed with flavour, but are also a delicious exercise in resourcefulness.

Outside of the States, “nose-to-tail” eating is commonplace in countries like China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Argentina, and Italy.

Join us for this hands-on class on the vast world of offals, with Chef Jenny Dorsey, a culinary consultant and entrepreneur, a former Chopp’d contestant, Beat Bobby Flay winner, and founder of the supper club, Wednesdays.

The class will culminate with a family-style meal of various offals & wine, along with take-home and digital recipe cards.

If you’re looking to add a unique skillset to your cooking repertoire, while discovering a new frontier of flavour, you won’t want to miss this class!

What You’ll Learn

How to handle off-cuts, including pig feet, pork & beef kidneys, beef heart, sweetbreads, beef tripe, and tendon

Best cooking methods for various offals

Your Ticket Includes

Hands-on class on cooking & preparing offals

Family-style meal


Take-home & digital recipe cards

About Jenny

Jenny is one inspiring individual, trading in an MBA program at the prestigious Columbia University for the culinary world. It’s panned out for her, as she is now a professional chef and entrepreneur, specializing in experimental culinary content & experiences. Her background is in fine dining, having cooked at Michelin-starred restaurants in both NYC and SF. Jenny and her food has been featured on Food Network (winning Beat Bobby Flay in 2016), Oxygen TV, Harper's Bazaar, Brit+Co, Huffington Post, and Bustle.

Follow her on Instagram at @chefjennydorsey