420 Special: Sushi & Joint Rolling- SAT 4/20

420 Special: Sushi & Joint Rolling- SAT 4/20


saturday, april 20th, 2019

1pm - 4pm

east village apartment

sold out
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This 4/20, join Nicole Rutsch and Lauren Cunger , for an afternoon of high, vibrational, hands-on fun! Think of it as an Elevated and Edible Arts and Crafts.

Lauren will kick off the afternoon with a hands-on class on the art of joint rolling, or as she more aptly refers to it, a Spirit Stick. As a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Medium and Shaman, Lauren refers to joints as Spirit Sticks because it’s about the energy and intention that goes into the roll which creates an energy during the smoking process.

There will be a curation of high vibrational flowers including rose, chamomile and mullein treated with Reiki Energy for you to create your own blend. We’ll then have the option to head outside to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We will use this time for an intentional smoke break filled with high vibrations and loving energy.

After our smoke break, Nicole will get us back on a roll with our hands-on sushi rolling segment, starting off with demo. Afterwards, we’ll sit down to a bowl of sticky rice and a variety of popular sushi fillings -- including raw salmon, tuna, and several vegetarian options. By using nori, mats, and all of the fixings, Nicole will show you the technique behind a proper sushi roll. Everyone will have the opportunity to make 3 sushi rolls.

After you’ve made the rolls, kick back, and bask in your top-shelf rolling skills.

On The Menu

Sushi Rolls (selection of raw tuna, raw salmon, and vegetarian options)

CBD Sparkling Water

CBD-Infused Cocktails

On Nicole


Nicole has been running her own catering business in New York City since 2014. Initially, the majority of her clients came from the fashion industry, including Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger and Vera Wang to Rag & Bone, Michael Kors, Derek Lam, and many more. Recently, Nicole has expanded into the wellness industry, partnering with clients like: Alo Yoga, Athleta, Adidas and Bandier.

She is also the Co- Founder of HINT OF GREENS™ along with Shaman Lauren Courtney Unger, a cannabis-driven wellness brand that teaches healing through plant-based medicine. Nicole serves as the creative director.

On Lauren


Lauren Cunger is a holy fire reiki master, master of the akashic records, healing chef, plant based medicine woman, medium and certified holistic health coach based out of the magic city.

Originally from NYC and with a background working as a coach and chef in recovery, Lauren's mission is to help others look within and heal their relationships with the duality that lies inside each of us. Lauren holds safe, sacred space for change through conversation, energy & sound healing, lifestyle and spiritual counseling and plant based journey work.