Learn to Flavor Dishes with Rave® Apples

Learn to Flavor Dishes with Rave® Apples


saturday, august 18th

1:00 Pm - 2:00 pm

Rave® Pop-Up Shop (map)




NOTE: ***This is a free event, but RSVP is still required to access this experience. 

**This is a separate experience from the Rave® Pop-Up. Please RSVP to both experiences separately if you'd like to attend the pop-up and the demo.

*There is no need to enter your credit card info when booking, but we still require your billing address.



When an apple has a code name, you know something big, delicious, and juicy, awaits!

MN55, better known as Rave®, is the new apple all New Yorkers will soon be raving about (see what we did there?)

Stemilt, the company behind Rave®, cross-pollinates a Honeycrisp with a MonArk (early-to-ripen Arkansas apples) to produce an outrageously juicy apple, with a refreshing and snappy zing.

Hailing from Washington State, and first to fall off the tree, this apple is only available 4 weeks out of the year, and comes in limited supply. Luckily, Rave® is coming to the Big Apple, and you're invited!

Join us to celebrate the launch of Rave®, with an exclusive demo class in partnership with Stemilt. 



What You’ll Experience:

  • Meet & learn from the growers behind Rave®, a 20 year process in the making

  • Learn to incorporate Rave®'s full flavor in your summer cooking by pairing with cheese for your next platter

  • Learn to cook up a healthy summer salad featuring Rave® apples sure to impress your guests

  • Taste the new Rave® apples, boasting a bright-red skin with pops of yellow

  • Post a selfie at their designated selfie area (now that’s something to rave about!)

  • Family-style dinner


Your RSVP Includes:

  • Access to the Rave® Cooking Demo

  • Rave® Swag Bags

  • Digital Recipes


  • Due to limited capacity, you must RSVP to access the Rave® experience

  • Glow Sticks optional

About Stemilt


Stemilt is a family-owned fruit company that’s been in business since 1964. The Mathison family owns and operates Stemilt Growers, and proudly grows, packs, and ships the best apples, pears, cherries, and summer fruits for you and your family to enjoy.