Learn to Make Japanese Comfort Food, 10/8/18 - SOLD OUT

Learn to Make Japanese Comfort Food, 10/8/18 - SOLD OUT


monday, October 8th, 2018

1st seating: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

2nd seating: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

bessou (map)

sold out
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Many are familiar with the restaurant-driven Japanese staples like sushi, ramen, and soba, but what does one eat on a more common basis in Japan?

Join us for this demo class, as chef Maiko Kyogoku, proprietor of inventive Japanese restaurant, Bessou, and father, Richard Kyogoku, introduce us to a traditional home-style Japanese dinner of grilled fish, rice, and miso soup.

We’ll dive into Japanese culture while learning about why the Japanese enjoy the classic combination of fish, rice, and soup morning, day, and night, and how you may be able to incorporate this healthy meal into your everyday cooking repertoire. We’ll talk about the essential pantry items required to make a successful Japanese meal, whilst understanding the health benefits of each component. You’ll also learn how to properly cook rice, make miso soup, and make the perfect Japanese-style grilled fish.

For the demo portion of the class, the chefs will prepare rice and miso soup, and show how to put together a delicious and quick marinade for fish. Afterwards, we’ll enjoy a family-style dinner of this traditional Japanese dish.

You’ll be able to replicate this comforting meal with our take-home recipe cards and miso marinade.

On the Menu

  • Japanese-style grilled fish

  • Japanese rice

  • Miso soup

  • Miso marinade


About Maiko



Maiko, the daughter of Japanese immigrants, has always wanted to bring the home-style feel of Japanese cuisine, cooking, and culture to NYC. Her background in both art and hospitality has served her well in breaking free of the constraints to meld her mother’s home cooking with the flavours and style of her NYC upbringing. The result is her restaurant, Bessou, literally translating to “home away from home.”


About Bessou

Bessou isn’t bound solely to traditional Japanese tradition, inspired by owner Maiko Kyogoku’s distinctly bicultural identity. At the helm is Executive Chef, Emily Yuen, who met Maiko during their time at Boulud Sud. The concise menu offers seasonal, home-style Japanese fare inspired by Kyogoku’s family recipes and the melting-pot nature of New York.