Holy Ground: "Smoke on Smoke" - A Guide to Mezcal with Mariah Kunkel- MON 12/9

Holy Ground: "Smoke on Smoke" - A Guide to Mezcal with Mariah Kunkel- MON 12/9


monday, december 9th

1st Seating: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

2nd Seating: 9pm - 11pm

holy ground (map)

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Enter Holy Ground- a subterranean hideaway that welcomes you to a prohibition-era speakeasy.

Replete with dark mahogany & brown leather booths, this “smoked meat speakeasy” is the sort of place that would make Sammy Davis Jr. shed a tear.

Led by Matt Abramcyk (Smith & Mills, Yves, and Tiny’s), Nathan Lithgow (Café Altro Paradiso) and Franco Vlasic (Fort Gansevoort BBQ), the team has injected a NY state of mind into their killer smoked meats & barbecue program. 

As for their cocktail program, it’s a serious affair.

Join Mariah Kunkel of Banhez Mezcal (a co-op owned mezcal from farmers of Oaxaca), for an interactive learning experience on all things mezcal.

In this experience, we’ll be tasting through five different expressions of Mezcal- highlighting single varietals, styles, and differing terroirs.

The evening will also feature paired bbq cuisine, and will include a tutorial on how to build a Paloma- a quintessential agave-based cocktail.

Paired Food Menu

St. Louis Spare Ribs | House Sauce

Manhattan Wings | Smoked & Char Grilled, Ranch

Charred Corn Salad | Smoked Cabbage, Jalapeño Lime

Crispy Potatoes | Mustard Aioli, Celery

Your Booking Includes

Recipe cards (physical & digital copies)

Bottle of the Holy Ground "Fox Blood" House BBQ Sauce- a tangy, spicy, slightly sweet sauce that pairs well with anything in the fridge.

About Mariah


Formerly the Marketing Director for Brooklyn Gin, Mariah Kunkel is now the Brand Development Manager for Banhez Mezcal, a Oaxacan co-op producing some of the finest examples of Mezcal.  

Her passion for mezcal stemmed from the cocktail renaissance in NYC. Noticing it as a component of amazing cocktails that local bartenders in NY were creating, she knew she had to explore this unique spirit further.

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Holy Ground is a restaurant and speakeasy where classic New York Steakhouse meets Smoke House and Cocktail Bar. Named for it’s location in TriBeCa, the downtown area once known as the “Holy Ground” in the mid 1700s, Holy Ground borrows from the neighborhood’s rich and colorful history to create a unique dining and drinking experience.

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Songs of Praise

Walk down the steps into a space that feels a century old, drink a sazerac at the bar while reminding yourself that you should get more into jazz, and fill the table in front of your red leather booth with cuts of meat you’ve only ever eaten off wax paper.
The smoky flavors lingered into the mains: platters of fall-off-the-bone ribs, Wagyu brisket drenched in a tangy barbecue sauce and an unctuous, slow-smoked beef rib. Each piece of meat was expertly cooked, creating a concentrated crust of intense flavor to balance the richness of the tender flesh.
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So where is the city’s ‘cue culture headed? One possibility is Holy Ground, the subterranean barbecue joint masquerading as an old-school chophouse, which opened in Tribeca this summer.